Slooow screen update in instrument editor

When I’m in sample-view. I often scroll through my samples. I use a lot of samples so a little back and forth is not unusual. In 3.0 the view changes from sample to vsti every time I scroll past a vsti. I idmit that this feature sounds logical in theory, but it really slows down the screen update as Renoise has to load whatever synth the cursor lands on. Sometimes it crashes. Especially when Kontakt 5.0 is involved. This whole thing is irritating and is not speeding up my workflow. Quite the contrary.

When Im in sample mode, it is because I want to work on my samples! NOT my synths.

Thanx. But that does not solve the problem. It merely presents a new. Or at least it complicates the issue.

I do not want my synths showing up while working on my samples. But I do want my synths to load when i press F7.