Slow And Morbid Song

Hey everyone I am just been working on this song for like a day and just wanted comments on it (I say song its only a minute long) it is completely unfished just want to know if you like the structure of it its been mostly sampled with some offsets I have loads more to do to it just want some help and your thoughts on it so far cheers everyone Song ps sorry for using yourfilehost

This is a good start. I like the beat. That stringed instrument that comes in around :35 is awesome. I like the downtempo chill feel the overall track so far. With a laid back groove like this i might try to add bass into it and maybe more atmospheres, make it even more trippy :lol:

cheers mate really appreciate the positive commentsi am trying to find some synthetic sounds like some synthetic bells and stuff cant find any though :( i will try adding a nice bass line too thanks a lot again