Slow and sluggish behaviour in pattern matrix.

Hey gang,

quite regulary when I am pretty much in the finishing stages of the arrangement,

I get pretty slow response times when deleting or cutting stuff in the pattern matrix.

Sometimes when I just quit and restart everything works fine again for some time and then this starts again.

I use aliases most of the time and I don’t use too much data. (LPB12/384, around 20-25 tracks mostly, 20-30 different scenes.)

Plugins and System load are negligible.

My system is pretty strong (OSX 12-Core @3,33 GHZ, 32GB Ram, good Graphiccard)

I should add that when I just pause the sequencer for a while, it also goes back to normal snappy behaviour.

Any idea what might cause this? I know from Logic that sometimes the Undo-Buffer just gets filled up too high so that everything gets slower.

Might that be a thing?

I wanted to post about this for quite some time now, but in some projects it just doesnt happen.

I am using 3.0.1 now but I noticed that in 2.8 as well.

Any hint is appreciated.

Thanks & best,


Edit: I need to rephrase this: It seems like it only gets sluggish, when deleting stuff. Copy/paste works fine. I have edited the original post accordingly.

By default, Renoise will attempt to keep the entire pattern sequence sorted, so that the pattern indexes are in sequential order after you add, delete, or rearrange something.

On larger or more complex songs, this can occasionally result in a small delay when deleting or inserting patterns, since the rest of the song has to be shuffled around to accommodate any changes.

You can try to disable this feature to see if it helps. You can always manually sort the sequence later, via Organize > Sort Sequence.

5635 renoise-keep-sequence-sorted.png

Pattern Sequencer

Ah, I remember this somehow… Thanks a lot, I am pretty sure that this is it.

Thanks for the heads up!

EDIT: Checked it. Yep. This was it. Thanks again. :slight_smile: