Slow(er) resizing of panels when VST Plugin Editor is visible

VSTi Plugin External Editor & change the size of panels with lags


Win7 64bit, R3.1b5

I have experienced a problem of lags to resize the panels of Renoise, when the External Editor any VSTi is running.


  1. Run Renoise with intrument editor no detach (only one window).
  2. Select Plugin and change one VSTi at random.
  3. Modify size of panels o renoise at random with mouse. Problem: at drag exist lagging. It does not work fine.This does not happen when the External Editor of VSTi no exist.

Note:Also try two windows, with Instrument Editor separate. Now is Instrument Editor Window where exist the lag to transform the size of the panels. In the principal window (Pattern Editor…) no exist this lag.

It seems to lack of optimization…This is normal?


Not exactly sure what you mean here. Which panel do you mean, which one are you resizing? When for example resizing the left panel next to the sticky plugin UI, the plugin editor will get moved on the screen too. Especially when the plugin is bridged, this simply may take a while. Also depends on what the plugin does when/after getting moved on screen. So as long as you can move it and it’s not crashing this is fine, really…

Yes, that is very well.

But when you change the size of the panels of Renoise with the mouse, The movement resize panel is slow (panel any). It is not fluid. It’s a subtle event.Must be that little delay time.This occurs when the VSTi plugin window is activated (External Editor).Is running slowercompared when not exist VSTi window.

It is as if the window VST affects the smoothness of movements of all panels Renoise to resize with mouse, even regardless drag the window VSTi.I wonder if you can optimize for the VSTi window does not influence the fluidity of movement to resize each panel Renoise.

I have a powerful computer with a powerful graphics card. I guess this will be noticed much more on slower computers.

when I drag the VSTi window (right click and hold), moves smoothly, very fluid.Why the movement is not fluid to resize the panels with the mouse?Not seems to be a bug, but rather a matter of optimization. Nothing else.