Slow Gabba's Long Lost Cousin - First Renoise Track

Hi everyone,

Would like to share with you my first composition in renoise. I’ve never used a tracker before, always used Reaktor and it’s very poor sequencer(althought synths are great). This program is great, very intuitive and worth way more than it sells for. Anyway, take a listen and let me know if you have any comments or critiques.

Oh, just a little info on the track. A few instruments were added in during editing, heard in the second part of the track. Some voice samples from various sources(movies / television) throughout, all other samples are completely original.
This was originally a test, to kind of get my head around it, but then I just started spending more and more time on it until it sucked me in all the way this last Thanksgiving weekend. Just finished it recently and have not yet mastered it.

I’ve heard some good stuff here from a lot of you folks so I hope to know as much as you guys do one day.

It’s under IDM because there was no “other” option.

Thanks for taking a listen!

Link to track:…p;content=music

i only listened to a bit. i can’t follow the beat besides the 5/4 at the start.
use low-pass filters, especially on the track that crash is in.

Thanks Syflom for the comment. I will try to use more low-pass filters on such instruments. Theres more after the first 3mins of that actually, if you listen to more, it kinda takes a really drastic turn. Anyway, thanks again for the help/comment.