Slow IDM/Breakcore, with Full XRNS

Hi All,

I go by the name of Felix Helix, and this is the most recent track I made, called Template 2.

I work mostly in Renoise, mixing and mastering in REAPER. Have done for years now.

I thought it would be interesting for the forum, because the XRNS prior to mixdown in reaper hasn’t got any VST instruments in it.

XRNS is here: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

The final product is here: Felix Helix- Template 2 - YouTube

Let me know what you think!


Yeah, dope! Really interesting vibes in here. The video elements are cool, too.

Nice work! :fire:

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Really like it, thanks for sharing. Snares are really interesting

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any chance you can reupload this XRNS?

Found this on his youtube: 24.05 MB file on MEGA

thanks for that… yeah it is/was rather slow haha…

enjoyed the arrangement nonetheless

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Hi all,

Sorry for the slow reply, been busy. Thanks also for the interest.

Did you find what you needed?