Slow onset autumn of ears (ambient electronica)

I just use Renoise to trigger my synths. nothing fancy here. finding myself drawn to tudor style melody. that’s old age i guess. thanks for maybe dozing off with a cup of tea and your headphones on.


Lovely stuff, really enjoyed that.

I had my headphones on, but actually with a cup of beer, I must acknowledge, I love this piece of music. It offers me something that none of the tracks before hadn’t. Great work, my friend!
Cheers BrainClaim

Nice and chill. :slight_smile:

Nice work. The synth work sounds pretty good. I dig the overall vibe of the track.

Wow very nice nostalgic and smooth vibe! Love it. Please more. Maybe you could high pass the kick drum slightly, so the bass uses lower frequencies than the kick (bass sounds good here). If the kick will be too weak in context, you could sidechain/duck the bass then.

thanks very much people.

jurek i need to bite the bullet and mix inside the box to do that stuff. but the advice is gratefully received.

Sounds great. I agree about the kick being buried at times. Also loved the vid. Solid work!