Slow Rock

Here is a slow rock called What’s the News. Kind of dark and sad composition with thoughtful lyrics (I hope). Chords are not usual in rock song, but the melody is quite simple and perhaps memorable. I did here the vocals and played guitars. Other instruments are VST plugins.

During composing I studied secrets of miking an acoustic and vocals with a condenser mic. I also tried some some FabFilter and Voxengo plugins. I really like the plugins but mixing process is still quite hard for my ears. If there are any good mixing engineers there, all tips are very welcome.


sounds great!!


i got no tip at all because this is too good :lol:

your vocal sounds very nice recorded!

there’s just one thing i noticed that was unusual for me, that is, a string that’s hard panned right, maybe you could place another string on the left side, or pan it more left

ps: ok i did notice something at the guitars at the beginning, it sounds like short attack/release times of a compressor

Damn you have good ears! There is a very short release in a compressor. Though I did not get that stable sound when miking the acoustic guitar, so there are some “small problems” in the original recording. But I’ll try with another compressor settings this.

I’ve used to hard pan strings, to keep it away from guitars. But in this case you might right, another string on the left would balance the sound.

Thanks a lot for listening and useful tips! It’s really nice to have positive comments as well!