slow startup

after installing renoise on a windows 7 dual-core (previous computer was windows xp single-core), startup times can be 5 or 10 minutes. this is much longer than i’ve ever seen. typically, it’s the first startup of a given day that will be slow. after that, renoise loads more quickly (normally).

on the slow starts, it always seems to get caught up in ‘searching for plug-ins’. is there something obvious i should be checking out? i’ve got it set to run in ‘admin mode’.

You can turn off the default plugin scanning during each Renoise start in the VST/Misc preferences panel.
You actually only need this if you add or remove plugins. It is just a matter of keeping in mind you turned it off so that you won’t be pulling out your hair when you can’t find a newly installed plugin the next time you restart Renoise.

Thanks ! Wow ! I didnt even know there was such an option :)