Slowing Down Time With Your Mind?

i have noticed something lately at work in the mornings …

whenever i get in and check the messages on my phone … when i listen to the message for the first time, it seems like the message takes a long time to listen to. but then if i have to hit “repeat” to hear something again or write down a phone number or something, it seems like it only takes about 1/2 as long to listen to the entire message as it did the first time … it’s like my mind can slow down and “grip” onto that first playback experience so it can get more information …


yes, that’s a very nice thing of the brain.
It collects information to use it for many tasks in the future, one of them is to make the same task more efficient the next time.
all the data that is not needed anymore to ‘understand’ the whole message is kind of filtered out.

that’s why you can do repetitive tasks totally without thinking ‘conscious’ about it.

Like shifting gear in your car, or after the 2793873+1 bottle you have to fill in a factory.

I myself, had so many herbals at a time, that my mind was completely in overdrive.
while listening to music, I could hear so many new details, and it was like it was way slower than normal.

the only downside of it all was when I came in a crowded place.
there whas so much babbling or so much ‘information’
it drove me nuts, while normally the brain doesn’t register all the information, because not all is relavant.

without saying too much…
this is especially true in tunnels; where there is not much information to register. The return journey feels much less than half as long; the effect is strong enough to be noticed as a sensation in limited mental spheres like that

I encourage any of you, if you see a long tunnel, to walk to the end and back in the spirit of seeing what’s there, and take note of the physical time taken as well as how long it seems.

There is a book by dan simmons dealing with that “the travel back home from a destination is always shorter than the original travel from your home to that destination”-thing. Gosh, I need to google the title up, it really blew me away … like most books of dan simmons.

and btw, do you have dejavu-es ?

Sometimes I really can see the future …
sometimes I sleep and dream about things (really from my own point of view), like I sit in a train and write some sms with my cellphone (I even dream about the things I type in), and the same things happens sometimes when I am bored and lost in my subcounsciusness (written right), for example when waiting for a city-train to come or similar.

These are mostly small clips of a situation (like 3-5 seconds) and some of them happen later, mostly weeks or months.

My explanation is that my brain is constantly evaluating my current situation in life and tries to pre-compute possibilities of my future, sometimes these situations happen and I have a dejavue, but but I guess most of these “fore-seeings” are wrong.

(I am sorry for my english btw, it really got alot worse in this one year being offline because I am not reading/writing english every day… hope you get what I mean).

and on another thing (had my first beer because the weekend started :) :

do you know about the gobal conciousness (mother gaia and everything) ? I cant give you a link, but some time ago I read something about a research by scientists about major breakthroughs in science.
They discovered that if a few isolated teams research a particular topic if often ends like this : team A has a breaktrough, solves the problem etc. and soon after that (sometimes its a matter of hours) the other teams B and C and so on have the same breaktrough without knowing about the success of team A.

So they concluded that there is some kind of global pool of wisdom where every information that a human being has is put in can be accessed by other human beings who focus on the same topic.

On the same issue, there are those stories of people (couples for example) that are very far away from each other and one has an accident or similar and suddenly the other one gets a “bad feeling” without knowing about the reason for that.

my idea about this is that our brainwaves are actually waves that are not trapped in our brain but send out and other people are able to subconsciousnessly recieve that information and pass that on, like some biological type of internet via wlan. :D

I often smoke weed before watching a movie or listening to music because time slows down and I am able to see/hear alot of small details I never saw/heard before or be able to pay attention to things in the background.

for example one my favourate “I am stoned and listen to music” songs is the liveversion of “Golden Country” by REO Speedwagon which features a 5 minute guitarsolo.
The song is cool when being sober, but it blew me away alot of times when I was stoned, up to a point where I heard the scratches of the fingers of the guitarist on the guitar or paying attention only to the bassline that is normally tucked in the background.

btw, thats one reason why jazz and weed go together so well. I dont know who said it, but a famous quote is “weed is so great, you can play much more notes in the same time.” And a quote from AIR “Drugs are great for listening to music, but not for making music since you tend to lose yourself in details or get hooked on things that sound crap when you are sober.” :D

“weed is so great, you can play much more notes in the same time.”

sounds like Frank Zappa to me :D

man i have a wicked idea for a trance song going through my head right now but i know that i’m gonna forget it by the time i get home from work … f**** the insurance companies and their shitty hold music, it makes me forget all my ideas :( i really need to get a voice recorder

no it was really one of the big jazz-players, the coltrane/gillespie-league. But I cant remember …

I remember back when I was about 16 I used to go around to this guy’s house and smoke weed almost every day with a bunch of other friends, and most of them were quite interested in scientific theory and philosophy and all that when under the influence (common phenomenon), but what really spun us out after a while was that, the ideas we would come up with regularly started appearing in scientific journals; which we would often pull out to discuss things from. It was bizaare pulling something up to check out a new theory and find out it was exactly what we were talking about a few months ago…

Well, the connectedness of the minds (or just anything) is (almost?) a scientifically proven fact, so is the relativity of space and time. You might know about the Aspect experiment or you just have proof from your own experience. For the former, you can check this article. Some deep, matrix-type stuff. :)