Slowly losing your hearing?

Well, I am apparently losing it…

Couldn’t figure out why my mix was unbalanced like 1-2dB louder on the left side, began to think my audio interface has seen its last days so I made an experiment hard panning a simple sound left and right to test if its balance was working properly, but wow I didn’t expect to hear almost different notes playing :worried: I have tested this on multiple headphones and systems, so it’s my ears.

To me the left side is slightly louder and higher toned than on the right, sucks getting old, getting closer and closer to 50 :grimacing:

Dare to test yours?

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Also on Headphones? Could be the room.

I have tested on my phone with a different set of headphones, same thing.

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sorry, I have to read the whole post :rofl:

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I recently was at the ear doctor because some Hihats caused a distorted sound in my ears. But it’s all fine and I still hear up to 15000 Hz (age 45). The crackling is caused by some protecting meachanism of the ears and only a few people has this.

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Interesting how the body works, then you have to work with an corrective EQ on that dips that specific frequency that triggers your distortion, just remember to turn it off when rendering :sweat_smile:… I’m thinking to do that and find some way to balance/pan my systems audio as it’s getting annoying to hear what’s supposed to be in center panned slightly left.

Yes, it’s related to resonances in the HiHats. If I pull them down the crackling is gone. It also depends on my mood. If I didn’t sleep well or if I’m stressed I have it more likely.

Confirmed (I listened on headphones). Maybe it’s because my left ear is inflamed at the moment. But I don’t think it’s because of the ears, I think it’s because of the way the brain handles what you hear. I can’t remember one single day that is was different. So it’s quite normal I guess. What’s probably not normal is my tinnitus what I’ve got from time to time, sounds like you’re turning on an old tube television (a VERY high sine, I can hear it literally in this moment while writing).

True! When I just have passed 40 I could already feel that my strength and my eyesight is trying to leave (I can’t read anymore if I’m tired) and furthermore several diseases are coming up.

Maybe that’s part of the “problem” of my last track. :hear_no_evil:
But sure, I you haven’t slept well or enough, it’s very likely that you’ll get it.

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Left feels louder and slightly higher

Have you also played with the headphone positions?

Yeah, maybe you have some kind of cold in your ear? I think the ears never have a constant hearing, neither have the same amount always, brain is balancing a lot, it varies a lot and is dependent on a lot of factors, e.g. blood pressure, too. Test in a month again.

I hear your example left slightly quieter, and a bit more dull, but not diffenret in pitch. Maybe you are mixing up pitch and brightness somehow, I think you can relearn that.

I think a good hearing test is to sweep slowly with a sine from 20 Hz to 16 kHz, played in mono. Since you will have some negative bumps in your worse ear, it usually is not a constant linear loss. At that point, it’s not in the center anymore, logically.


Me? Yes, I did. Same result than yours. Left slightly louder and higher, and I don’t mean the pitch, I mean the sound. The left side appears to be more “crispy”.

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New test. A hihat is added for fun which to me also sounds different when panned hard left/right :thinking: and I’ve rendered down the loop and monoed it just to be 100% sure it’s the same sound and not some weird stuff going on and a sinewave sweep but only 14k-1k unfortunately has been added … :thinking:

This whole thing is a bit of a headache for when we’re mixing and I am surprised the left/right difference is so much.

WARNING lilith, there’s a hihat and the mono part may be a little loud.

Download XRNS

I switched the example sound from Spire to Sylenth1, which may not have been a great idea since the original sound had a nice sinewave coming through :roll_eyes:

Now I want to eat a lot of ice cream, get brain freeze and listen again (for the sake of science of course) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :ice_cream: :palm_tree:

Well, I think you guys are on to something, hopefully our ears aren’t that crappy and it’s just the brain :rofl: … The monoed part sound good to me and dead center which I didn’t expect so that kinda takes the ears out of the equation and we are left with the brain playing tricks on us.

ROFL I went from almost ordering a new audio interface to thinking my ears have gone bad to now I’m not sure what the hell is going on.


There was a time when you immediately pointed at the treble trouble after I uploaded a new track, and I mixed this shit on several evenings with breaks of at least one day, so you ears can’t be that bad. Regarding to this I should be concerned. :wink:

Test Stereo v2:
left/right - the same than before, left slightly louder and more crispy
hihat - the same, left slightly louder and more crispy, it almost sounds like 2 different hihats

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Hehe… Well we are on the same page, I also thought it was like two different hihats, quite an ear opening experience

My DAC is set on the right gain to avoid “earcharge”

When I listen to a unusual “loudness” track,I set the gain weaker on my computer

I just sense my ears

No need to talk hour and hour about that

“Peoples who complexify simple things are just idiots” Tall teQ

How loud or not we hear these examples are irrelevant, I can hear the difference even on very low volume which I usually use.

I have an open headphone,so bass are not a problem for me

Hi and medium are destructive

AKG 702

Listen to good reference mixes
your hear will calibrate themselves

I have heard many awfull tracks in ‘What You Listening Atm?’

many renoise users have a bad ear “calibration”

But I have to admit that some users have understood that


I have open headphones myself, been using them for the last 15 years.
I use references in Ozone 9 which are saved in my default song template.