Sly Castrada-Subwayve

it’s only my first full atteempt, so there may be some lazieness/errors.

If you like follow(:
If not, tell me what i could do better.
I’ll return feedback!


your song is so distorted that it would only pass as some weird EBM at best.
what kind of sound were you going for anyway?

i feel like you have too much reverb going on in your song which makes it sound kinda muddy. you definitely need to work on your harmony, your synths are playing in all sorts of keys. with more than 10 minutes of playtime there’s not much happening in your song. better keep it short and to the point, 3 to 4 minutes is enough.

but for your “first full atteempt” it’s alright even tho some of your other songs are a little better in my opinion.