Small Automation Editor / Mixer Niggle

Not really a bug, but inconsistency maybe? Been noticing it more and more and see room for small workflow improvement. Anyway, feel free to move to the ideas suggestions forum if necessary…

Steps to reproduce niggle:

1) Have the Mixer open with multiple dsp’s/vst’s loaded into different tracks.
2) Have the Track DSPs tab open.
3) Click different dsp’s in the Mixer and notice they are also selected, get focus in the Track DSPs tab. All good.

4) Now select an effect in the Mixer and change the lower tab from Track DSPs to Automation.
5) It seems like, on a per track basis, the last used/tweaked parameter is remembered, has focus, and the lower tab wont update to the selected effect from step 4. You have to click the effect in the Mixer again to shift to the wanted effect in the automation editor…

Whenever I click an effect in the Mixer while having the Track DSPs tab open, changing the lower tab to Automation, I’d like the particular effect to have focus instead of how it works now!

Maybe this can be optional, be toggled on/off as different people have different workflows? :)

I understand that selecting effects in the Mixer, while having Automation open does switch focus in the lower tab automatically. Would be nice if it would do the same, selecting in the Mixer and then switching from the Track DSPs to Automation.

When trying to set-up my minor irritation, you’ll have to have multiple effects inserted in the Mixer, and it is possible you’ll select an effect that already had focus in the automation editor so it will look like nothing is ‘wrong’. Repeat the above steps with different effect and it should be noticeable.

A lot of words for something so trivial, but it’ll improve the streamlined Renoise experience some more imo :D

Confirmed when switching from DSP Chain to Automation it stays on previous DSP/Parameter viewed in the Automation window, rather than staying on the device you were on. When going back the other way it appears to follow the last Automated device (and Mixer selection.)

Agreed that what is proposed above would help streamline and give consistency to the operation in these areas.

Please have a look at this for 2.8 final!

This niggle is still irritating when wanting to work in the automation editor.

If you’re selecting dsp’s in the mixer and the lower tab isn’t on the automation editor, changing the lower tab to the automation editor afterwards doesn’t show the previously selected effect in the mixer.

You’ll have to mouse click the effect again in the mixer for the automation tab to reflect this choice.


This is indeed very strange behavior! Not sure why it does that, since it clearly switches visibly in the TrackDSPs (when clicking in the Mixer on fx).
I never actually consciously noticed this, but I do indeed a lot scrolling in the automations or flipping open the mixer view for no apparent reason.

This is not particularly a Mixer problem, but mostly a TrackDSP to Automation one! That the automation stays on the last automated parameter when switching between tracks is obvious and this enhances my workflow greatly. But in track it should switch to the effect you’ve last touched in the TrackDSP even if you aren’t using the envelope buttons of the parameters…

/midnight rambling, hope this makes sense but i hear you jonas!