Small Duplex Question

i havent really used my nocturn that much lately,im only using my launchpad atm

but with the addition of Duplex,i got a small question

would it be possible to have the “controller GUIS” for both the launchpad and nocturn in Duplex at the same time,when using both controllers at the same time(which i dont really know if is possible)


also got a small question about playing/starting samples with the launcpad using duplex,more often than not,i need to press the "trigger/play sample button"on the launchpad twice,before the sample plays,sometimes when i only press it ones,the pattern plays but without sound??

not really convenient when improvising

dont know if this is just me,or any1 else have this happening??

Yes, the browser is limited to only showing a single device UI at a time.
But you have the advantage, as you own the physical devices, and they are not going anywhere. Why would you need this?

You mean, trigger pattern sequence, while running a Matrix configuration? There is no ‘trigger sample’ button in Duplex (well, at least not yet…)

You can modify you launchpad configuration (Launchpad.lua) to trigger in many different ways. Study the Matrix application, learn how to modify the options in the configuration. These are the values you’re interested in:

play_mode = { label = “When triggered”, items = {“Play/continue”,“Toggle start & stop”,“Retrigger pattern”,“Schedule pattern”}, default = 3, }, switch_mode = { label = “When switching”, items = {“Stop playback”,“Switch to pattern”,“Trigger pattern”,“Schedule pattern”}, default = 2, },

ahh ok thanks come to think of it,i dont really know why i would want both GUIS showing,so thats not a big deal.

thanks i will look into modifying the launchpad config,when i have some proper time to go through the documentation