Small Features I Miss

  1. I don’t understand the logic of the Panning inside the Gainer in the new version of Renoise. I think the resolution should be 100 to both sides at least (as it was in the old version), instead of 50. The StereoExpander has an enormous resolution in comparision.
  1. The new arranger is great of course, but there is one minor thing I miss: the old hexadecimal count (which previous arranger had.) It could at least be optional. Don’t understand why first pattern begins with the number 0 (cero) in current shape, as it isn’t hex right now.
  1. Copy “Track in song” into another track would be REALLY useful for me. But it just says “Copying an entire track is not supported.” :(


I am not sure what you mean? Copying a track is done with [CTRL]+[F4] but I guess, that’s not what you’re talking about :w00t:

he probably means the ability to copy the same track from every pattern to every pattern in the song, on antoher track.

Useful for… err… hardcore techno :)

If that’s what he means, then just create one pattern with the track and click duplicate pattern :blink: :w00t:

from what i have read in previous threads i dont think they plan on implementing
this anytime soon

Exactly what I mean! But not because I want to produce hardcore or techno. Why I’d like to have it, is to do some interesting stereo - but it could be useful in other purposes as well. I want the same notes in two channels instead of one and do differences in the two channels. Right now I have to copy and paste in every pattern.

It feels like using an unfinished advanced editor, and I got the feeling that it was just not implented yet. To implent it, wouldn’t cause the look of the editor any more confusing actually, and will not disturb users that will not use it iether. The interface is built to have it, but maybe just time-confusing to implent I guess. So it will not be implented? Well… :( I’ll survive.

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I’m very tired in this very moment, so I’m not sure if I understand your feature. It’s like it seems so simple that I don’t understand it. However if it does the work I asked about then great! :lol:

So, over one year later; how hard are these features to implent? :)

If not implemented, you could always ask some other person with the coding skills and desire for this feature to program it, next edition will save the song in xml format, you can do whatever you like with the xml file.

In short:Even if Taktik would not implement it, there is still hope.

Good lord. A sensible use for XML, never thought I’d see the day! :)

Have no idea how xml works…

here it is a very simple example of “How XML works”:

suppose you have two concurrent instance of next version ReNoise running.

On one, you have one song, on the other, you have another; you want to exchange a column between the two instance, but you also want to modify all “C-4” to “E-4”.

  1. Copy column from instance 1
  2. paste clipboard to Notepad ( :o )
  3. search&replace “C-4” with “E-4”
  4. copy from Notepad
  5. paste into instance 2

If I get this right, this is a revolutionary idea! :yeah:

But the small features I asked for has not that much to do with this I think, or maybe I’m not that smart.

You can “Copy track in song”, just requires a script that parses the whole song and copy all contents of the track in each pattern to a specific area and then paste it back renumbering the track (in each pattern)

rns in XML? Who came up with this idea? Not impressed in the least. XML is a human-readable format in the VERY lightest sense of the word, and is highly inefficient with regard to document size. In addition, does this mean samples will be external, akin to Live’s standalone projects? In that case, that’s a gigantic no-go from me. It’d bust my workflow so hard i couldn’t find the pieces.

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Maybe after I’ve tested the new version I’ll brag about all this again, or maybe not. :)

How exactly are the binary samples being stored in a text format file?! :huh:

Have a look at this thread: