Small improvement eq: Displaying note and input of note


the spectrum view / freq analyzer already shows the note (c-2, c#2, c-3 and so on) while moving the mouse over it. This would be very helpful in the eq graphical view, too!

Now Cubase 8 also introduced this, and they go one little step further: You can actually enter the notes in the eq.

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Entering notes in the eq is also quite useful.

I like the suggestion, but in the meantime you could use this:

It has one slider for each note ranging from C1 to B8. It also has sliders for adjusting the width. You can’t see the graphical view when you move the sliders though, but you can monitor the changes it does on the spectrum view.

It doesn’t use much CPU either, unless you start automating the sliders, because that will really take a big bite of your resources unfortunately, so it works best as a static EQ.

Hi, for EQ5 I would like to suggest the above, + displaying the gain all the time on mouse-over.

Then I noticed while conversion to meldaeq, that the Renoise EQ5 with the very same curve display will sound a bit weaker with negative values, and a bit stronger with positive values than melda eq. So below 0-line, I will have to put melda eq like -1dB lower, and above 0 I have to put melda eq like 1.5dB higher, too, growing relatively :blink:

Maybe that is related due some imprecision in the tiny eq5 display? But no, it also seem to be the values here, which differ a bit. Could be caused by melda eq of course.

You need fabfilter Pro Q for precise eq on them 808s not internal renoise eq5. Just sayn!