Small Nes/Famicom Competition On Sdcompo Forums

We’re doing a small NES/Famicom compo in the SDcompo forums, starting tomorrow!

No pressure, it’s just for fun.

It’d be great to see some more Renoise folks come out though.


I’m not shure i understand the rules, aren’t we allowed to use Renoise? We have to run some NES tracker through an emulator?
I didn’t even know there were trackers for NES, isn’t it a pain in the somewhere to track with that small joypad?
Maybe i could emulate on my DSi perhaps or my Chinese PSP clone, that would be fun. :)

Correct, no Renoise. Famitracker is a Windows app that would at least allow you to use fullscreen and keyboard:

But yeah, I’ll be using an emulator on my PSP for this compo.

We’ll have another unofficial compo that will allow Renoise soon. Probably “3 cubed” (3 channels, 3 samples, 3 bit audio) :)