Small Thingie For The Instrumentlist When Having A Rewire Instance

Like said in topic title and description. Had reason rewired as slave and was playing with thor through the pattern editor. Tried opening reason by pressing 0 on the numpad (like you would do when trying to open a vsti) and noting happened, same for double mouse clicking.

Is it possible this functionality also works for rewired instances in the instrument list, so the slaved program is brought to the front?



@ devs: not possible?

Nopes this is not possible… With a VST this is possible because the VST GUI can be (in a very limited way like:quickly closing and reopening the window) controlled by Renoise. Programs that start in their own memoryspace however cannot be asked to set itself forward simply because Renoise does not know the ID of the window of that program (and simply because that memory the program operates in is protected and shielded from intrusion by other programs)

Hmm, i’d say it’s probably possible, though i can only speak for windows. The moment a rewire host is spawned, for example with the “CreateProcess()” function, you’ll get all needed information about the new process filled into the “PROCESS_INFORMATION” structure. With these infos it’s possible to locate the process and send it some messages.

It’s basically similar like what the Windows Task Manager already does, though it simply enumerates all running processes. If you rightclick on an application in the list you have the option to bring it to the front, change to, minimize and maximize, which is nothing else than sending a few messages to that process.

We don’t create/launch the process, the ReWire engine does this, so unfortunately there is no fail safe way to do something like this…

Ahh, ok… in this case it would be to cumbersome to find the proper process and would be maybe quite error prone.

thanks for the info! will alt-tab instead :)