Small Vst Window

Hey. Can anyone tell me why this VST window looks like that? :)
When I open the ext. editor for the vst, the window has become a bit too small. :P
Edit: The only difference I can think of before it shrunk, I installed 64bit version of Renoise.

It would help if you mention which particular VST it is. Then we can test it ourselves.

Or perhaps this is happening with every VST?

Nevertheless, a bit more information is always helpful ;)

I’ve had a few VST that appear this way, when they didn’t have requiered rights to access files. That might for example happen, when you intall older VSTs on Win7 and parts of the VST are located in the programs folder. A workaround is to re-install these files/programs into a seperate program folder on the root (e.g. “c:\myPrograms”), not predefined and controlled by system. Hope, this helps. :)

That particular one is an eq from Waves, Q10. And so far, I don’t think I’ve found any other ones acting this way.

Bit_arts: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking also. Have to investigate!