Smart Command Line like Alfred, VS Code, Vivaldi, Spotlight, etc

One very handy feature I’ve noticed in a lot of modern software is a “smart command line” that can be invoked with a keystroke, giving the user access to any of the options that they’d normally have to hunt through menus or memorize keystrokes to invoke.
This is the one in Visual Studio Code editor:

This is the one in Vivaldi browser:

The user simply types what they’re trying to do in plain language and the smart command line quickly surfaces the available options they have.

In Renoise, you could take all the different options available in dropdown menus and keystrokes and add them to this type of interface. This would be great because, since computer keyboards vary so much between OSes, we wouldn’t need to rely on function keys, Ctrl/Cmd keys etc as much.


Better late than never?

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