Smart Noteoff

Maybe I didn’t capture the interest of the SmartNoteOFF function, but it’s pretty annoying right now in my (humble) opinion.

I can workaround by reconfiguring the key in the config though.

Feel free to move this where you think it’s better, I didn’t find any better place for writting this. Sorry.

smart noteoff rocks :yeah: … is reconfigured to the RETURN key on my side (a bit like MED editing)

Well, when I press NoteOFF behind a note (I mean with no other NoteOFF between the note and my cursor position), nothing happends. I have to press SmartNoteOFF for it to work. So basically I have to alternate between NoteOFF and SmartNoteOFF keys if I want to enter a series of NoteOFFs…

Am I the only one experiencing this ?

What’s so usefull about many noteoffs in one column? :huh:

There was a discussion about this thing in the past and we (people who discussed) decided that smart noteoff should be a standard behaviour.

Can you explain more exactly what you’re doing?
Sounds like a bug to me, but it works fine here.

Hi, sure:

Basically, there is no key on the keyboard I can hit that will for sure display a NoteOff on screen.

When I try to reconfig the keys L-shift is interpreted as CAPITAL and CAPITAL is interpreted as CAPITAL too :) (normal).

But I tested on XP right now, and I could see why SmartNoteOFF is good since it works. It seems it’s a keyboard handling bug with win98, seen that on another thread.