Smoking When It Rains

What a pleasure.

Lemme hear you +1, you addicts.

You are one pessimistic son of a bitch.

I’m not even sure if the social bubble where everyone is expected to live in is anything viable or useful. But no matter how many times I quit smoking, the feeling is there - I just love the buzz. Gotta stop quitting quitting before the dark side gets me and I’m back to square two.

Addictions - a delight when fulfilled, hell when not.

I like smoking. hehe, I rather enjoyed Matt’s post, it reminded me of the internal dialogue prevalent in film noir and pulp. Something from Antioch OTR maybe. I really want some coffee.

I think most of the deeper issues with smoking is the added chems. So I try to only smoke brands that don’t add them, as I notice the chems in the taste. however, carcinogens are everywhere, walking down a block or street of a major city is probably more deadly. In traffic somewhere with windows rolled down, on a bike, walking along side traffic. Like runners that will tell you how their lungs burn after having a run through a city.

If you have not been able to quit you may be interested in smoking without the tar or carbon monoxide by trying an electronic cigarette. They do not burn but they have an atomizer and they produce what seems like smoke but is mostly water vapor with nicotine. It comes in a variety of strengths so you can step down if you want to. Or you can just use them confident that you are avoiding real cigarettes which have over 4000 chemicals in the smoke they produce, along with the tar.

My mother has had a good experience with these:

She reports no urge to smoke even when with friends that are smoking. She also claims to be able to breathe better and have more stamina.

That link includes a 10% discount code. There is upfront cost to buy the kit but they are about 1/2 the cost of regular cigarettes for the refills.

My mother smoked for over 50 years and tried many methods to get away from tobacco but none have worked for her until this. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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I still recommend you to read Easy Way To Stop Smoking by Allen Carr. Look it up in local library or search it from the web. If you are too lazy to read then there are also audio books available.

Most people think this is bullshit, but I suggest you to keep an open mind. Cause the same most people have quit smoking the day they finished the book without any hassle usually connected with quitting smoking.

What happens to your body if you stop smoking right now?

(answer: lots of wonderful things)

I’ve been smoking for 18 years now , father died of lungcancer 4 years ago , mother died of braintumor 18 years ago , big chance I 'll go the same route …two wonderfull talented persons …gone too soon …
Smoking kills , not only in france .
Gotta stop the habbit …just can’t …

Well, it was a blissful moment that I had, meeting my old friend - a nicotine monster. Actually he wasn’t a monster on that day, but I’m feeding him still, so he’s getting stronger.

Smokers are always quitting. I wonder what keeps them. Lack of will, or lack of reason. Ask yourself, will you quit now, or after you have had your next ciggie? What keeps you from doing it now?

Remember Bill Hicks?

The dude died in cancer. Pancreatic cancer. While 32. And he did quit.

Why is this topic brought up again? Somebody needs to get off the fags urgently?

I was once a heavy cigarrette smoker. Some lucky day on my x’th attempt I managed to get off. Was a real struggle, I had tried many times before. But that time I just went through the shit and got off. Really worth it. The stuff is like constant poison in the body, and when you got off it, and the withdrawal is over, you can experience great healing from that poison.

Man, breathe, breathing is so precious, there was a shadow on my breath and now after year without cigarettes it is gone, that is so phantastic. It’s liberation! Even if I already had cancer and stopping to smoke would give me no extra time to live, I’d consider it good to stop smoking anyways, because the time left would be so much better after the withdrawal and urges are over…

The key to getting off smoke for me was just not smoking any more, after deciding to do so at the right time. You know, it is like you got that little beast on your neck, that feeds on nicotine and that will try to bend your mind to make you smoke again and again. It knows the most ridiculous tricks for that, you will notice when you try to get off the crap. But if you manage to overcome it and just not smoke any more, it will just give up after some time. Then you’re free from that shit. Maybe all the book and hypnosis tricks just do that single thing, making you more resistant against the urges to smoke again. For me however it was probably enough to recognize how sick the stuff made me.

I felt real sick while it was not over, though. I had nicotine free herbs to assist me, and it was really fucked up to smoke stuff and feel sick about it, like being thirsty and drinking something that does not quench. But that was soon over, and getting off herb without nicotine was no problem compared to getting off nicotine.

I have no problem when other people around me smoke. It has become a sickening smell for me, but I can tolerate. I just would not dare to ever again inhale anything with nicotine, though, not even a single puff. I know from my previous unsuccessful attempts that it will just reactivate the urges, and then put me at risk to become addicted again.

IDK all I could advise anyone who tries to get off is first fortify the mind by trying to become aware how harmful it is and how it bends the will to push you into smoking again and again. Or read those books or whatever you feel prepares you. It is helpful that you really want to quit, not half hearted, but you have to really want the freedom and better health. Then just wait for appropriate time so you could deal with the psyche getting grumpy, which could happen when you withdraw, not always, but for me it often happened and it was worst for my last attempt.

And if you fail, don’t worry, just wait for the next good opportunity and keep trying again and again. Like a toddler who learns to walk, that kid will fall down on his face and revert to crawl on the floor again and again, but one day he will manage to stay in balance and no longer fall down.

I’ve bought this today

No regrets

Where is will, there is way. If you have the will to quit you can do it from one day to the next. It all happens in your head. If you control your head, you have the control about everything else.

If you don’t have the will you can forget about quitting, no matter what comes. In this case I would recommend vaping instead of smoking. Just vape for a couple of weeks and don’t smoke, and you will see that your breathe, your sense of smell and everything else about it will return.

Or if you reduce smoking down to 3 cigarettes per day it also shouldn’t cause any problem. And if you smoke a cigarette every 8 hours (there must be a break of 8 hours in between), your body can dismantle most of the shit. But regarding to cancer quitting doesn’t work. Once you have smoked, all the shit responsible for cancer is already in your body, even if you stop smoking later. To stop smoking doesn’t prevent of getting cancer, but it helps to counteract the consequences of your previous smoking actions in terms of breathe, activity and else. You can get lung cancer even without smoking if you’re having a genetic disposition, and you can smoke 50 cigarettes a day without getting lung cancer if you’ve got the “right” genetics. It’s not fair, but it’s exactly like that.


I definitely recommend vaping if you cant quit smoking.I am vaping like 7 years now and i can tell you that i enjoy vaping more than i did with cigars but although vaping could not get you cancer(maybe) there are other problems that vaping can give you like a heart problem and other lung problems.If you decide to go with vaping do not get your liquid from the internet find a store near you that has them and prefer plain liquid no flavors and stuff like that clean liquid.Start with like 9 % nicotine and slowly decrease until you remove it completely or at least stay at 3% because nicotine is poison τοο.Anyway since i went with vaping i feel better, i breathe better, i sleep better.

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Sometimes,scientifics are wrong
They don’t take in account all the parameters

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Redemption Song


In their manual, the KLF said:

Don’t smoke any dope or drink more than two pints in any one day all week. If the engineer or programmer starts smoking dope or drinking you are in serious trouble and will have to have it stamped out immediately. The vast majority of engineers are very professional and conscientious about this and do not indulge themselves on the job. The same goes for any other narcotics stronger than coffee.

I don’t know if there are manuals from Bob Marley or Snoop Dog on that subject. :sweat_smile: