Smooth curves in sample editor

I have an idea in my head again,
but I ran into a problem that I can’t seem to deal with now,
and that is the emerging artifacts in the sample.

It is clear to me how the curves work and that there is only one “Y” for each “X” in the buffer
and that I am converting 2D to 1D,
but even when I try to convert the position in the buffer to a whole number myself, the values still skip.

Where is the mistake? In the rounding itself?
I can’t figure out how to smooth that curve :frowning:
Any constructive ideas would be greatly appreciated.

cz.martblek.Curves.xrnx (2.1 KB)

Only 2 rows of controls work,
Next should have been vectors, but if rendering doesn’t work, I didn’t even implement it.

i have no idea how to help, but I do enjoy the artifacts, as they lend some nice digital grit to the sound. perhaps they can be exploited to advantage in this tool or another

With these artefacts the idea is buried,
a totally unwanted thing.
When I want randomness…I create it :slight_smile:

oh, I understand, it’s just interesting :upside_down_face:

good luck figuring a solution :+1:

i figured it out :slight_smile:
it cost a lot of nerves, but it was solved.
It would not occur to me that I have to drastically reduce the step in the cycle which is in the time domain of the curve 0 start to 1 end. I thought that the size of the buffer was enough, but it’s a mistake, it needs at least a buffer * 10.

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glad you got it figured. will be glad to peep the update if/when you release it!

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