Smooth Like Silk Risers / Uplifters

This is a quite simple setup for a riser / uplifter. Till 2.7.2 you would have needed at least 3 filters or 1 filter and a EQ device, to cut 1 low, 1 high and 1 to do some movement. Achieving the sound you get here wouldn’t have been easy. Anyway, with 2.8 you only need 1 EQ. But that’s not the point. Setup with a single EQ, these lifters sound so outstanding smoooooth and silky, it’s really a joy. When you’ve heard this, you’ll never again use filters for an uplifter of that kind.

Just used automation on 2nd EQ frequency and mixer volume. Depending on the Q-factor you set for your moving frequency slider, you have to keep an eye on the practical top frequency, which is NOT 22050 in this case. Enjoy! :)

Closed Download


^ it’s a closed download. check out his signature for more info on how to obtain it when you’re interested.

His signature appears to be the word “Enough” and it’s not a link :-S

What’s with the closed download? Stop teasing us dude :w00t:

seems he’s changed his signature. this wasn’t the case at the time i wrote my reply.

his sig had, iirc, 2 parts: the regular downloads and the closed downloads. for the closed downloads, he’d ask you to send him a PM to request access to the closed-off section of his files. the reason why he set it up like that is because he didn’t want everyone and their dog using his files, he wanted you to earn them. so, you needed to be an active community-member to access the files.

that is about all i know. i have no idea as to why he’s decided it was enough (which is what i gather from his current signature). you’ll have to ask him yourself.

Illuminati-level clearance has been requested! ;)

He discovered the coolest thing possible in Renoise, so it’s being covered up.

yikes! Plz come back with the smooth as silk riser download


Dang it! Now I’m curious as to what the hell he was talking about.

It was just a basic white noise sweep going from low to high, making that typical ‘whooooosssshhh’ sound you hear in electronic music. Except that rather using a bandpass filter to sweep the sound, Bit_Arts used an EQ instead to get a slightly more precise/fine-tuned/balanced sound.

Quite honestly, using a bandpass filter sounds fine to me and will get the job done. You’re not really missing out on anything special here.


oh, it was a white noise sweep? he called it a riser, lol… that’s like calling McDonald’s, “a four start restaurant.”