Smooth Pitch Bends Made Through Midi Devices

An option that would make all pitch bends on instruments that are made by using a midi device slide/pornamento to the next pitch instead of instantly going there when it gets to that tick, maybe an adjustment for how quick it slides to it in the menus.

2 years later…

EDIT: I should go on to say that this is one of my major obstacles in making new songs. Since I’ve done the band thing, I really don’t have the patience to meticulously plan out exactly how I want to make a melody slide so it sounds like it was entered live when it’s something that I can play instantly on the midi keyboard.

Almost all the songs I make and have ever made with tracker programs I put together very quickly. I’ll basically get the song done within a few hours, then everything else is tweaking this part or that part, adjusting levels, and arranging the patterns, which usually takes a few more hours but sometimes has taken as long as a week. When I have to spend more than 10 minutes just trying to enter a single melody line that I’m losing the original intent every second that goes by, in one pattern, I’m done with the song. I lose interest because I have a short attention span and 10 minutes later I can’t always remember the line that I originally thought of, that’s why it was initially an improv line to begin with.

This all worked fine when I was doing music that I didn’t REALLY care if it sounded sequenced and I didn’t care about slides. Since I’ve been doing the band thing I’ve been a lot more picky and I have more demands on the programs I use to make music–I want to enter most things live/realtime.

On another note, I’m also still trying to find the option that lets me smooth-slide up or down XX percentage like I had in MED, I’m just seeing the other slide options–it’s probably there, but I’m probably just not seeing it. I should probably ask that in its own thread…

about 2006:
since you are using MIDI, I assume you have been using a MIDI/VST synth; the device/plugin should have a portamento mode with MIDI-adjustable slide tempo.

about 2008:
commands such as 1xx, 2xx and 5xx are not percentage based: they are pitch-based.

hopefully, this will be changed in future

??? Huh? All I know is when I use the pitch bend wheel on my midi keyboard to record, when I play it back it sounds like an Atari 2600 trying to emulate a slide–it just doesn’t do it–whatever line I happen to be at is where the pitch is, it doesn’t slide at all, it clips to the pitches instead.

What do you mean the device should have a pornamento mode? Are you meaning going to an instrument and selecting it to use pornamento and switch back and forth between that instrument and one that doesn’t have pornamento set on when I want to slide and don’t want to slide? Are you meaning using the automation to turn pornamento on and off at different times? I don’t understand. :(

Cool :)


yes, I mean enabling and disabling portamento through automation.

however, portamento mode does actually port the note only if there are two notes concurrently playing. in terms of tracking on Renoise, when portamento mode is on, it only gets triggered if there are two (or more) note columns and the notes are tracked this way:

<=this is a single track=>  
C-4 01 -- | --- -- -- ----  
--- -- -- | E-4 01 -- ---- // will port C-4 to E-4  

while this will not trigger portamento:

<=this is a single track=>  
C-4 01 -- | --- -- -- ----  
E-4 01 -- | --- -- -- ---- // won't port C-4 to E-4  

so you won’t need to continuously turn portamento on and off during play: if you release a note before the new one gets played, it will not trigger portamento. there are also many synths which also allow a tolerance for note overlapping in milliseconds: if the interval between note2-on and note1-off is less than tolerance, portamento will not be triggered.

I appreciate the information on this, but what you have said still requires extensive planning. That method is the opposite of entering things in live. Also, pornamento between notes is not in any way shape or form the same as having a pornamento effect be applied to when I’m using the pitch bend wheel on my keyboard instead of it just clipping to that pitch when it gets to the current line.

I just want to be able to use my pitch bend wheel when I record and have it sound even remotely the same when I play it back as when I entered it. Right now it sounds like an Atari 2600 trying to emulate a slide (the Atari was incapable of sliding pitches).

yes, I know what you mean. currently this is not possible to be performed better, as of version 1.91

This is a feature I am waiting for since years! Just have a look at the “A question of speed” thread.

I also would like to record my pitch-bend, modwheel (and all other controllers you can move quickly) live-plays accurate finally.
When I am jamming with my synth and have an idea modulating a parameter (e.g. cutoff) of a sound with pitchbend or modwheel and it sounds great - I simply can not record/realize this in renoise. This happens quite often and is a big limitation in creativity.

This missing feature is preventing me to call Renoise a professional sequencer.