Smoothening That Click Sound In Sample Editor

Aside from just trying to get it in line… is there any software or a simple method that automatically smoothens a sample for use as an instrument. Using various vsts etc I got an interesting sound from a drum sound that I want to use… only no matter how hard I try it just wont be smooth.

I know fading can help… but not in this instance. Appreciate the help. These forums have been amazing for me

What exactly do you mean by ‘smooth’? Is the sample cut/trimmed correctly so that its start and end points are on a zero crossing (the center line in the sample editor)? Can you upload the sample so that other people can see/hear it?

Yeah, I think so, when opening up the lopp editor it does match one is above and one below so it looks like it should be, I did copy and paste itself, next to itself and it wasn’t correct then… so I’m guessing to answer your question: probably not lmao

I could upload it, but it’s such a general thing that I tend to have trouble with any sample would do. I didn’t actually explain as well as I could have, I am using the ‘forward’ option. Appreciated that other options would need similar attention to detail.

You didn’t even mention looping in your original post. Is that the problem? You’re having trouble getting a sample to loop nicely without clicks?

Most stuff like this isn’t technically complex, it just takes time and practise. It can help to learn from other working examples, so if you upload the instrument itself (containing the sample and the loop you have already created), then I might be able to tweak it for you.

Since I currently have absolutely no idea what your sample actually looks like, it’s very difficult to give any specific tips or help.

If it only clicks when you release it (while its looping) just give it a little release.

i wish people would consider how their question comes across over the internet. you cannot explain most of this sound-related stuff in words. take a screenshot, or provide some audio so we can hear what you are talking about.

what the hell is sounding ‘smooth’, post examples.

Yep, I wondered the same thing. Since he later mentioned using a forward loop, I assume that he’s trying to create a ‘smooth’ seamless loop, but it’s really anyone’s guess until we can see/hear the actual instrument.

Have you tried enabling “snap to zero-crossings” when you set looppoints?

Lol sorry I’ve been very busy, yes it is the seamless loop I’m going for. I know it’s hardly something to put in forums but I won’t be able to do anything until tomorrow, please hold on until then. I’ll reveal all lmao! Thanks for your help!

What I sometimes do on stereo samples which have different dc offsets / phasing discrepancies in channels causing loops to click, is put a fft effect on top, something like waves denoiser plugin on extreme settings.

I no longer have the sample, I went back to the file I was having the issue with and annoyingly must have deleted it (most likely in frustration). I can sufficiently explain it though (I am sorry about this).

Basically I had a sample I had resampled from renoise using chorus feedback I believe, the sample sounded fairly good and was very short, (a little over a second at best) I clicked on the loop button (it likely has a proper name) and selected forward. I had already cut the sample to ensure the waves matched at zero. Assume everything so far was done correctly for lack of a better way of putting it. I had the clicking so went into advanced loop editor trying my best to match it, but there was no improvement. I then came here.

I searched fft effect and didn’t find anything productive, although a search of waves denoiser gave me an idea, are fft plugins plugins that are made for the purpose of making general sounds cleaner?

I should have been more clear when throwing in fft, but forget about the technicalities…try and search for denoise vst plugins, maybe there is a good freeware one? And mess around with the settings. You can indeed clean out noise, but will lose definition and sound like badly compressed mp3s on extremer settings.

Looping samples more than a few cycles in length it is often almost impossible to get rig of a weird clicking/obvious change where it cycles. This is often due to frequency changes etc, IE any changes to the sound over time, between the start and end and when you loop it the sudden transition from one to the other is very audible to our ears. This is why most samples give the option to do some form of crossfade looping. You could try ping-pong as your sample is fairly loose (or should I say was) although may still not sound quite right…

Do they? I only tend to use sampl;es from other sources when it comes to drums, and even that I’ll be able to do myself soon, I dont tend to use samples found elsewhere, thats why I began the thread on sampling methods lol. Is there any way to crossfade manually?

I just had a bash at crossfading manually by duplicating a random sample, crossfading it and then secteing the midpoint, because it was quiet I amplified it by 6db. I mean it kind of did it, but there has to be a better way, without losing so much sound?

Ping pong doesn’t really do it unfortunately :( if only it were so simple lol

Not what I’m looking for then… I wish there were a plugin/program that pinpointed drastic frequency changes :(

I’ll say this again: Please upload a basic Renoise song containing the sample(s) you’re trying to work with! You should include the original unlooped and unmodified sample, and also include whatever you have managed to do so far with your looping efforts - even if you think it sounds bad.

One of us might know a trick that works nicely on the type of sample you’re using, or we might be able to tell you that you’re simply wasting your time, etc. It’s incredibly difficult to give you proper advice without seeing and hearing what you’re trying to work with. :)

So, don’t be shy… upload something, man!

Sorry that was a typo, meant to say samplers, not samples. Samples have no way to offer you different ways to thread them within themselves.

Getting loops sounding smooth over longer samples is always hard though! Well at least from my limited experience but it’s not something I do loads of.