Smoothing Out Midi-Record Pitchbend

I’m having some trouble with live recording pitch bends from my MIDI controller - it sounds really computerized when Renoise plays it back. I’m not going for this effect. Is there any way to fix this, short of making my steps per beat way way more? I’ve already doubled it and it only helped a little bit. Is there a way for Renoise to make my pitch bends more accurate to what I actually played?


(Totally unrelated - where will I find the “Note off” setting in keyboard shortcuts? Can’t figure out the subcategories)

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When recording automation directly into the pattern, the highest resolution you can achieve is a single pattern line, so increasing your LPB is the main way to achieve more accuracy here.

If you want more accuracy without cranking up the LPB, you might want to try using automation envelopes instead, since these can offer a much higher resolution and can interpolate smoothly from point to point, which should help to remove the computerized feel. You didn’t mention exactly how you’re recording the pitch bend commands, but in order to control pitch bend from the automation envelopes you’ll need to use an Instrument MIDI Control meta device. Add the device to a track and link it to the instrument in question, then enable the pitch bend (PB) parameter. You’ll now be able to create graphical automations with the PB parameter that should be much smoother.

You can find the note off shortcuts under: Global > Transport

Tip: You can simply enter “note off” into the search field at the top of the key prefs panel:
2897 renoise_key_prefs_search.png

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I’m recording pitch bends from my MIDI controller’s pitch wheel. I’ll try your solution. Does this make my MIDI keyboard’s pitch wheel record to the Track Automation?

There is this button in the pattern control section where you can toggle it to record Midi cc commands to automation or to the pattern editor.
The pitch-wheel itself however is no CC message, so you would need a Midi Control device where you would attach a Midi CC controller to if you want to record the automation of the pitchbend slider. I know it is a bit ackward, but the architecture of how all sliders are attached to MIDI events is by this design.I have in the past used my modulation wheel as pitchbend controller.