Snareroll in Aphex Twin - 4

Just like everyone, I really like the RDJ LP and just love how those snare rolls sound on tracks like 4. Now it’s quit obvious that most of those idmy tracks must have been made with a tracker, also considering AFX posting that ProTracker Video, but I keep wondering why those snare rolls sound so smooth and pleasing, do you think it’s because they’re actually triggered on a Hardware Sampler?

That’s actually a good question, I’m currently also trying to figure that out.

My theory is that he’s actually automated the end-point of a looping snare sample, rather than using a retrigger effect command or anything like that. This way you get the smooth ‘curve’ effect in the playback as the automation happens and the sample length is changed.

any stores about sound hack

there is an old reception for samples in good quality. to do this, a 16-bit fragment is split into 2 8-bit files. Senior and junior which in addition can give a full-fledged 16 bit.

4 [Full Song].mid (27.1 KB)