Snares Baby

so you sequence some drums pretty quick…add some amen samples

if you flit between patterns with you mouse at random…dragging from one pattern to the other very quickly…it sound just like the snares man.

problem is…harnessing that randomness so that all beat changes are controlled…i guess just making the patterns really short…fast sounding pattern edits…

anyone know what i am saying?

Sounds like abacadabra to me… what the hell are you ppl talking about? :huh:

i think this is because of reason. people assemble sets of amen edits and them mixand match them to make it seem like a step variated drum pattern.



recent random excursions to clubs, hearing nu-skool dnb and jungle only reenforce the point. a sick amen cutup needs to be excreted one hit at a time. the tracker offset specifier is the most useful breakbeat manipulation tool for music programmers. all the other approaches are shortcuts that sacrifice the authenticity of the sonic assoult that jungle is supposed to be.

maybe i’m just playing devil’s advocate, but i don’t see any difference in the end with using something like recycle/dr.rex to do beat detections and auto-create a drumkit instead of using sample offsets. i think that a lot of musicians are more focused on music than math and would rather press keys on their keyboard than split up their beats in hexadecimal. most of my musician friends who see renoise just kind of blink and stare at the obscurity of the sequencing method. though i love it personally (and use sample offsets for beats and all sorts of other effects) i don’t think it’s the ultimate “only” way to cut up breaks.

personally i love the way working with 9xy command, but a beatslicer might still bring better results, you just don’t have the best resolution with two-byte offset and often lose the transients

i do agree fully!
i wish i would have discovered trackers sooner…
if it wasnt for a chat with Soundmurderer i would probably still be dabbling with crap software.

09xx is mos def the way to go with mashing beakbeats in jungle/breakore/idm/speedcore/raggacore/raggapiss an bubblecum

imho usig recycle is lazy, do what you will. but remember that is just my opinion.

you make jungle?

Using 09xx also preserves any groove that the original drummer might have infused into his performance.
Live isn’t all about mechanical beats.
My way of getting around the beat resolution problem is to slice up the loops into one or two bar sections, and then using 09xx on those.

what the hell is 9xx

or sample offset?

windows that is.

is it something to do with groove settings?

9XX is offset. A tutorial on Renoise can be found here:

i am afraid the tutorial gives me nadda

There you go buddy :D In the middle of page.

Questions about the functionalities of the programs can be made in this forum…44fb&act=SF&f=4

sorry t be annoying but what i meant was…

i cant understand the jargon in the tutorial…

to input 09xx do i need to send it via midi device? or can you type it in?

There are some wicked song-examples of this effect coming with the tracker-archive. Check in the “songs” folder where you installed Renoise.

These to songs make good use of 09xx
Tutorial5 - Beat Slicing.rns
Tutorial6 - Sample Offset.rns

It doesnt work through midi but is an effect that tells the internal sampler where to start playing in the loaded sample. (It sounds more cool than it reads) :D

here you go…

for some reason my keyboard aint inputting any number value into the pattern column… ?

by the way i appreciate the help

you have to enter “edit” mode… escape is the default key to toggle edit mode…

sample offset is like this

you have a sample okay,
sample offset is a hexidecimal location inside the sample.

so for instance:
every sample starts with 900 and ends at 9FF no matter how big the sample is or how small the sample is.

im kind of hoping that this will be changed eventually so that we can have alot more precision but as of right now it works fine for smaller samples like breakbeats.

hope that made sense