Sneak Preview Of Project Siren

edit: Most of this post is now redundant.

Latest ALPHA release of artyFM is here, ReSynth to come.

artyFM 0.9 beta now available

I now feel confident enough to give a sneak preview of a new series of tools which I have been working on.

All these tools are native Renoise sound generation tools and collectively, these have been known as Project Siren.

These are mostly just proof-of-concept ideas which I will hopefully finish into full tools at some time when the API allows.

Going through them in turn:


  • This is a four operator frequency modulation synthesiser.
  • Operator zero cannot be modified.
  • All operators work in series as the built in diagram explains.
  • Each operator has it’s own frequency multiplier and effect amount settings.
  • All controls midi mappable.
  • This tool will generate a single cycle of the resultant waveform upon parameter modification and load it into the selected instrument.
  • Currently, the operators do not have effect envelopes and so the sound remains static. Thus, you can create a whole bunch of organ sounds!
  • I’ll be looking into adding modulation envelopes at some point but this depends upon the speed of the built-in Lua implementation.


  • This is a native phase distortion synthesis tool.
  • It currently only generates a single duty wave cycle, again upon parameter modification.
  • Base waveforms available are sine wave, square wave and sawtooth.


This is a pseudo-realtime native Renoise dual oscillator subtractive synth.

Features currently available:

  • Two oscillators

  • 7 waveforms available:

  • Sawtooth

  • Triangle

  • Sine wave

  • 12.5% duty pulse wave

  • 25.0% duty pulse wave

  • 37.5% duty pulse wave

  • 50.0% duty pulse wave

Independant oscillator transpose (+/- 24 semitones)
Independant oscillator detuning (+/- 63 cents)
Independant oscillator level and pan controls
All controls midi mappable (play and tweak at the same time!)

There is support/ideas ready for manipulating level and filter ADSR envelopes, filter selection and overall filter cutoff and resonance amounts, but this pending access to these parameters from the Lua scripting API.

Anyway, these are just some ideas that I am currently working on and I will hopefully be putting test versions up on the board in the upcoming weeks.

From the man that brought us batch rendering etc…
Looks great man! cant wait.
Just to clarify, am I right in thinking that these will overwrite a sample in an instrument?
Or will they output their sound directly into dsp chain?

Yes, they ‘pre-render’ waveforms into sample slot(s) in an instrument. Surprisingly fast actually - they are suitable for realtime tinkering on my low specced machines.

There is not a way to directly inject audio and using the Renoise instruments allows us to play with the sound further.

Note to Renoise devs: If I’m holding down a note (from a midi controller) and change the sample the sound stops. Any way to work around this? (it’s no big issue).

awesome stuff,you have put out some of the best tools lately really good job

Any time you do an edit by hand to a waveform in Renoise it stops playing from what I remember. Is this not the case here? So you can modify a waveform while it is playing a sustained note?

Cool stuff,

do you have to turn off the undo function in the sample editor for it to work properly? Can imagine the tools producing lots of data when tweaking.

wow this looks excellent!

Yes, any currently playing notes are terminated as per this post.

You don’t have to turn off the sample editor undo function. However, each re-rendering (when a parameter is changed) generates a new sample and thus a new undo point for the sample editor.

General update:

I need a nice name for ReFM. Anyone got any ideas? :)

how about ReTFM? (RTFM) ;)

Awesome. Looking forward to the tool

Post up alpha’s already, I’m curious of how it sounds! :yeah:

impressive cant wait o test and create presets…