[Snowcrash Project] -= A Hacker Manifesto - Bz Akira Santjago =-

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"We are the hackers of abstraction. We produce new concepts, new perceptions, new sensations, hacked out of raw data. Whatever code we hack, be it programming language, poetic language, math or music, curves or col-ourings, we are the abstracters of new worlds. Whether we come to represent ourselves as researchers or authors,artists or biologists, chemists or musicians, philosophers or programmers, each of these subjectivities is but a fragmentof a class still becoming, bit by bit, aware of itself as such.

And yet we don’t quite know who we are. That is why this text seeks to make manifest our origins, our purpose andour interests. A hacker manifesto: Not the only manifesto, asit is in the nature of the hacker to differ from others, to differ even from oneself, over time. To hack is to differ." A Hacker Manifesto , McKenzie Wark

autoproduction audio/3d/video
music : Electric Bass, MIDI Keyboard + Renoise
video : VSE Blender
3d animations : Blender