So, Am I The Only One...

Am I the only one who thinks that the logo on the upper left corner of the page that’s missing the bottom looks like 13™?

Not anymore :)

so what’s wrong? Isn’t the name of this software 13?

LOL - that is too cool. Now I see “R” with a complete new point-of-view.

Yup, that’s true.

And if you take the logo top right, you have the almost-3-number + the white edge becomes 7. With a bit of goodwill.

Renoise = 1337. Roxor!

After reading your post I saw what you mean, like such a picture with dots creating a 3D image.
I first thought you were talking about the missing bottom bit of the ‘tablet’ where the 13 is written.

OMG! :blink: u cant all be that stupid??? ROFLOL!!! :lol:
its part of the renoise R logo like the one on the upper right!!! :lol:

hehe just kidding ;)

Hm, the IT-version of BeRoTracker surely looks interesting btw, a modular Impulse Tracker in a sense. :)