So Finally, Renoise Works Better With Xp Or Vista ?

Hello All :)

For PC users, could you tell us if your experience with renoise is better with XP or Vista ?

Is Vista fully compatible with Renoise ?

thank you !

I have a desktop PC (see my signature) and a notebook with both Vista and Ubuntu.

I mostly use Ubuntu on my notebook, but on the rare occasions I used Vista, I got no problems running Renoise.

Take in count that my notebook is more powerful than my desktop PC, but anyway there should not be great differences between XP and Vista for music. Though if you already have a license for XP, there is really no reason for you to purchase Vista.

i have an xp desktop and a vista laptop, and like It-Alien said, other than one machine being more powerful cpu wise there is very little difference.

renoise runs fine on both.

in my case my desktop is the more powerful with xp.

renoise runs excellent on both xp and vista for me too. love it.

what i miss for vista is compability for the Waves diamond bundle pack,
which i use in every song… of course, this got nothing to do with renoise.
but it seems that many other audio product manufacturers (both of apps and plugins) wasn’t quite prepared for Vista. So when i started to install the software and plugs i use on my XP system on Vista, i realized I had to drop much of it, and download a lot of new versions of stuff to make it work with Vista. It was real hassle.

big ups for renoise - no problems at all!

i never seriously used renoise with my vista install, but so far i haven’t encountered any incompatibility.

due to differences in the OS subsystem, however, renoise will always run a notch faster on XP than on Vista.
besides that, you should always have about 512-1024mb more physical RAM in your machine to have an equivalent amount of memory available for renoise usage, when using vista.

can’t directly comment on the diamond bundle, but i know i got the mercury bundle running flawlessly on my vista install.

I think performance-wise you might be better off with XP than Vista.
Even though Microsoft claims to have some top-notch Audio and MIDI environment controls.

Can I ask you all - how big is your Vista installation? My XP install is about 3GB, whereas a friend bought a laptop with Vista and when I went to make an image of her C: drive using Acronis True Image, the Vista install was 22GB or something like that.

I haven’t used Vista for more than an hour or so, on her laptop, but it was setting up some ‘preferences’ or something for absolutely ages when I turned it on the first time. I also noticed that when copying 600MB of files it took many times longer than the same operation on my XP PC (DC7600, nothing special.)

aha, will definetely check this stuff out. thanks for the tip :)

Vista has internal latency problems with audio routing. I don’t have the link handy to cite this, but all pro audio steps that are using PCs are still on XPsp3. A stripped back version of XP will out perform vista anyday, bug or no bug. XP is a solid system now (as solid as Windows gets).

I’d install XP and wait and see if MS get their act together with ongoing versions. I’ve heard many say that they won’t. :(

Thank you all :)

After a quick test, I must admit i am very dispointed by Vista :panic: , so I am going back to XP :P

did you install Service Pack 1 for Vista? This should have improved copy operations a bit, but copy slowness remains a big flaw of Vista, and of course this is a shame.

I didn’t install SP1, but she only bought the laptop a month ago, so I thought it would be up to SP1 by then?
It doesn’t matter, I was only looking at her laptop so I could UPgrade it to XP, so now worries about slow file copying now, nor any of the other rubbish that Vista has which slows it down so much.

Vista is the Windows ME of the late 90’s B)

Vista came installed on my new laptop and Renoise was horrific to use with it. So i wiped it and put XP on, much smoother.

Vista has no cowbell

No but it has a lot of cowdung.

Previous to Vista I had Windows ME for a long time. Renoise was the only Audio prog that ever worked well without crashing. Works fine on Vista here too. So it works on dubious operating systems where others don’t?

yeah, so it seems! A solid proof for what i always have had the feeling of; Taktik is a hell of a good coder.

In fact, even though I’ve had my rounds of issues/problems with renoise (don’t even know if the problems was related to renoise…), i’ve had a thousand more compability issues and crashes with big-industry-software such as cakewalk and steinberg.

each time i open renoise to work, i just kind of get a warm, calm, excited feeling :rolleyes:

when i open sonar, cubase, or likewise - which I’m unfortunately dependent on for certain tasks - i just get anxious and restless, hoping it’ll soon be over, before the bluescreen strikes down :blink:


Runs fine on Vista for me.

Problems with available RAM - Renoise relying on the HD a lot - and major problems with external MIDI… i.e. I couldn’t use a Vista machine in a studio unless it was just for recording/playing audio… MIDI timing is horrible. (Equally horrible in Live! though, so assuming it’s a pure OS problem.) XP always gave me a little note delay every few steps, but in Vista that’s turned into a mountain.

CPU performance isn’t great either. I can’t be bothered to go through getting XP running on this machine - just don’t enjoy sitting around all day messing with computers - but I’ll certainly keep my XP machine around for studio use… (and if I was buying another computer it would certainly either be XP or a Mac.)

Get the Sonnox native bundle. (Works fine with Vista)

Definetly the new Waves. BIG jump in sound quality - although it’s not immediately evident. Takes a bit of trial and error to get the best out of them; they sound quite coloured and potentially messy compared to Waves at first. A lot more like working with hardware really - you can get amazing results out of them, but you can also do really horrible things. Waves are all a bit bland and grey.