So How Do You Play Live With Renoise?!

Hi there!

I’m in love with renoise like many others here and I’m learning a LOT from this forum and by fooling around in renoise itself but there’s one thing I just cant get my mind around (is that how you say it? :P)

How can you use renoise (or any other program) to play something live? :blink:
If I look on youtube I see a lot of videos with people that are just pressing some buttons on their midi keyboard and the best beats and breaks come out with some awesome synthleads etc!
I still record note for note and listen a lot to my songs (I get sick of em halfway before I’ve finished them, that many times I had to listen to it)

So, what is the way to play live?
Where do you begin?
What do you have to prepare before you can jam all the way?
Any tips and tricks are more than welcome! :w00t:

This is one/my way (but maybe you’ve seen it before) :

On said same tube of you, there’s a video of someone live editing of a pattern which makes for a pretty good performance:

Alright, so what I make out of this, I just have to make 1 pattern with about 8 tracks full of beats and weird sounds that all match the same bpm.
Then just play it and start of with just one beat and fool around with the OFF buttons? :P
Is that all there is to it?

Unless you want to let Renoise play a song in the background while you play an instrument to it (ie guitar, trombone, triangle… whatever) at the same time. :blink:

Two computers (or instances of Renoise) and beat match between them.