So I Got My First Vinyl Cut

First time ever I can hear my sounds from a vinyl record, all done in renoise of course.

it’s pretty hard these days to have your sound on wax

KUDOS to you :drummer:

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Can you give us some details on the process of getting a record made? Basically, how it was mastered, what things cost, how many you had made, etc.

It is a lathe cut, and there is only one copy in the world. It has four tracks, cost 40 euros together with mastering and shipping. There is one guy who does it for such a low price. Usually it’s much more expensive.

He also does small runs up 20 copies or so, lathe cut. In this case the price is cheaper per copy.

Pressing prices for vinyl are different. The main thing is, that the metal work for creating the stampers costs quite a lot, so you can’t do too short runs with efficient pricing. Same goes for printwork which is quite expensive if you do it in short run. But due to a demand some pressing plants do manufacture runs of 100 records or so.

Most printers won’t run their presses with less than 300 copies so you have to figure something else to make the covers and labels though. It is possible to make labels with a digital print as well. Some even manage to make 12" covers with digital printers. Some use stamped white labels for short runs. Also stock covers with a sticker on them.

Short run record manufacturing price will be around 5 - 8 euros per copy.

Anyway, here is another track from the record: :D

Apparently there’s a guy across the road from me who cuts dub-plates. Not sure if he presses too, but I imagine he does. I’ve given it thought before. I should probably put an EP together first though eh?

Great track, and glad to hear it on vinyl, even if it’s one copy.

Its pretty awesome to have own track on vinyl :) Gratz :)