So, is there a "Safe" Mode? Project won't load

Well, my first attempt at actually putting together an project ever slightly more complex file than a couple of patterns with 3 tracks simply won’t load. It just beachballs at 100% CPU and never completes, I’ve given it 15 minutes to think about it. I have a couple of EW Play and Kontakt instruments in there (I was planning on sampling later on), seems likely they’re the culprits.

How do I get this loaded? Is there a safe mode where I can stub ithe instruments until I figure out what’s bust?


(Things were going swimmingly in the initial session!)

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Well I’ve managed to hack the xrns file to load by stubbing all my VST plugins in Song.xml. I’ll find simpler VSTs to use for now.

Please tell me there’s a nicer solution!

My other DAWs never fall over with a simple load like this, is there a way to get debug logs to submit this as a bug?