So I've been really frustated with this thing lately...

Hello there,

During R3 beta phase I already made a topic about the fact that we’re left with no way to play a part of a sample at a different pitch than the original, but sadly it looks like it has been ignored. Here’s a pic of what I’m talking about :

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When I change the volume of the sample, it also change the volume when I play the selected area, so why doesn’t it work for the transpose and finetune settings ? To me it’s a bug because it works well when we use Beatsync which is supposed to be the same thing (it’s changing the pitch of the sample to match the specified length, right ?).

I can’t find a way to achieve this at all beside working with another DAW. I even tried to create an instrument macro by adding a Pitch modulation -> Operand -> Linked it to a macro, but when I play the selected area, all of this is still ignored, it just plays at the original pitch whatever I try.

We all know it’s already a pain to work with long samples in Renoise compared to other DAWs, so I feel this kind of improvement should not be ignored (see another similar topic).

With Renoise 2.8 we at least had the choice to play the selected area at a specified note (see my first topic about this here), but unfortunately it’s gone :(

I really hope you can do something about this, or at least provide me an alternative way to achieve the same thing.

Thanks for reading.

It plays the sample as it originally sounds when you have the sample pane opened, if you add a note in the pattern editor and press space you will hear the pitched version. It would be confusing to edit a sample that is not playing back at the original pitch.
I can’t really see why you need to hear nondestructive pitch changes in the sampe editor?

Why would it be confusing exactly ? The fact that it’s not playing at the selected pitch is confusing to me, that’s the way it works in any other DAW.

I produce future garage and use a lot of chopped up vocals in my songs. I often need to experiment to find the right part and the right pitch of a sample to match the rest of the song. This is my workflow, I always did this way (in renoise 2.8 I used the note selection, see the topic I linked in my first post).

“Apply transpose when prehearing”

This could be integrated into the “preview options” (the little dropdown next to the play/stop arrow).
So, by default it would play at the original pitch but you would have a choice?

I think what was originally confusing, and the reason it was removed, was that you had two transpose options - the “real” one, and the “prehear” one.

PS: you’re not the only one missing this: What happened to the Prehear Options?

Would be damn perfect :)

Well, i haven’t really given it much thought to be honest, i shure see your point when i think about it, i just never used it that way. My logic is that i think, when you’re editing a raw sample, you don’t want it to be different in real life than what you are hearing. Of course when doing it your way it would be beneficial.

When i tune a sample i usually put the sample in the pattern editor together with the samples i’m tuning it against, do a block loop and let it run while editing the sample properties. It’s not possible to playback a selection of the sample this way, but there is a trick you can use though, write a s01 next to your sample note in patttern editor, add a slice and just move your slice back and forth and cut it when you have found the spot or just play from the slice location. ;)
Maybe this method could work for you? Slices are the easiest way to cut samples because they’re non destructive. Also if you don’t want to write the s01 all the time you could always write it in a phrase and it will play from the slice location.
It’s a different way than you’re used to i understand, but this way you can go back and edit anything later if you want to tweak things a bit.

I see the benefit of having the choice though, maybe a checkbox next to the sample properties could be a solution, “prehear in sample editor” or something?