So My Uncle Gave Me His Old Amiga 2000 For Xmas

lol looks like octamed is gonna be running alongside renoise for me now, and when i get my cd64 diskdrive in the mail…
vintage meets modern :dribble:

Happy flashback!

You lucky bastard ;)


I have an Amiga 1200 for sale if anyone is interested

Is this an online auction? ;)

You do not happen to live in Germany now, do you?
I need a new mainboard to replace my faulty old one.

[edit] oh, my bad… I se you live in Japan :confused:

Nice. I gave my 2 Ami500’s away to my buddy who now uses them to run lasers at parties but I forgot to transfer all my octamed songs to pc so now I have a ton of disks. Ug, someone should start a “migrate octamed tracks from ami to pc” service. hehehe…I bet RBF would be all over that. Someone get Teijo on the phone, pronto.


I really wish someone would miniaturize the old amiga chipsets so we could have amiga PDAs :P

I think that ANY modern PDA could easily run an Amiga simulation nowadays. Question is: who does really want it? :P

Google for “minimig” (because I’m too sleepy to do it for you now :P). Some guy built a miniature A500 emulating the custom chipsets using an FPGA.

(As much as I’m impressed that he succeeded, I really don’t see the point ~_~)

Not to mention the complete lack of Amiga software that would be useful for a PDA ;D