So once again I wasted the morning

So I wasted the morning once again,
because I was figuring out how to put the sliced glitch from Almost Drums into the track.
I kept rewriting it somehow and I still didn’t like it until I don’t know how I came across
Slices/Render slices to phrase’ in the menu.


Yeah, man… render slices to phrases is an awesome one. Really great for resampled material, too… Then you can apply modulation to individual slices, automate the modulation… Along with fx you can create some really dramatic transformations of source material using slice>phrase

I just started using it fairly recently, and was like, where have you been all my life?

Renoise be deep

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the only manual I ever read was for a hot air oven when I wanted to make fries.
I guess I’ll have to read the Renoise manual :slight_smile:


Fries are important! :fries::fries::fries: