Soft Takeover

Hello everybody!

Would it be possible to implement soft takeover for Renoise? I know it is possible via duplex. But I think it would be great to have it in general. I am using a korg nanokontrol, the first three banks for controlling volume, pan, solo and mute. But the fourth bank is left for navigation and I would also like to controll the dsp fx with the knobs. The problem is, they are jumping, when I turn them.

So, is soft takeover possible or even planned?

Thank you for answers or thoughts. I just started out on Renoise, really love it!


I also know it’s possible via Duplex :P (currently only in the Mixer app though).
But if it is implemented in Renoise natively, naturally it comes to be usable on all Duplex app too.(am I wrong?)
I think that such function should be so.

I would think so. It would make controlling Renoise much easier, when not having endless encoders on your controller.