Softube Console One and Renoise


has anyone worked with Renoise and Softube’s Console One?

I really like the low CPU usage of Renoise and I’m planing to use it in a mixing workstation. Does someone knows if Console One works with Renoise?


Information from Softube seems to suggest it needs to be implemented into the DAW itself. Here is a response from a Softube developer,

I would have thought that console one integration could “easily” be achieved via traditional means, such as exchanging track names etc. over MIDI Sysex. But perhaps this is actually how it works, and they have simply decided not to share the implementation details. Not sure - my quick search didn’t reveal additional details and I haven’t read the complete topic on gearslutz.

If integrating the C1 requires adding additional code to Renoise itself, this is probably a no-go. It should be possible to do such a thing through scripting alone.

Hi !

I own the console 1 and I tried it on Renoise : it is perfectly usable.

Actually Renoise works as well as Live 9 (VST)… it lacks sync features but it’s barely noticeable.

So basically, it works right out of the box. You just have to add the console one plugin to your tracks :

  • You can switch to all console 1 plugins using the 1-20 buttons (you normally have one per track)

  • You get the VU-meter, spectrometer for each track with the plugin

  • All buttons are automatically mapped…

But, as in Live (and basically all DAWs but 3), there’s no DAW/Console 1 synchronization. It means that :

  • tracks names won’t be shown on the C1 GUI

  • Selecting a plugin on the device won’t change track on the DAW (and vice versa)

  • instead of controling the DAW fader-mute-solo-pan section, the C1 will control it’s own fader section (within the plugin), not affecting the DAW. For instance, soloing a C1 plugin, will solo all C1, but the tracks without the plugin will still be playing.

BUT, i can assure you, it’s barely even noticeable. I thought I would be disappointed when I found out it would not be a full featured experience (with Live at least. Actually I didn’t expect it to work with Renoise at all), but I don’t miss none of it.

Actually, I’ll go as far as to say the Console 1 is pretty much the best external device I’ve tried with Renoise. I’ve never been happy with devices available on duplex for none of them have proper labeling and overall minimal feedback (duplex itself is great).

With the Console 1, you add a layer of highend almost-hardware channel strip, that makes mixing feel like breeze.

So, all in all, Console 1 works perfectly in Renoise. As long as you’re cool with the absence of DAW/console 1 synchronisation

Hello! I see an affordable Console1 w/Fader near me and I was wondering what is the current state of its playing nicely with Renoise? Any new features or pitfalls that a rookie should be aware of before pulling the purchase trigger? Thanks in advance for your time :0)