Softube Tape VST in Renoise (GUI bug)

Hi, Softube Tape’s GUI will not show in Renoise, anyone else experiencing this? Or anyone with success in Renoise? Bug happens on Win 7 / Renoise 3.0. The GUI window opens, but is just black. I’ve also googled the problem but doesn’t seem to have affected anyone else (regardless of DAW).

It seems Softtube plugins use a common GUI system that share global settings like the
“use OpenGL” and “use small UI” options.

I own Softtube Parallels and also experience UI related issues on Windows 7 (on a 15.4" screen that is).
switching to “small UI” mode does not work.
Its UI is quite big and gets cut off on smaller screens - meaning that the actual vst window does not resize to fit its contents anyways.
However, on big enaough screens it behaves fine.

Ah ok, thanks for the input. I should look into my graphic card and openGL drivers… my music workstation is offline, so haven’t updated drivers in many years. But I use the built-in Intel HD graphics, that could be a bottleneck.

Just in case anyone else has the GUI issue with Tape vst, using Intel HD Graphics 4000:
Updating to latest Intel driver (2019) did the trick, everything works as it should now.

In other words: Not Renoise related.

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