Solar1 (reminds me of space - mabye background???? - music, that´s th

OMFG It´s been a long time

I was constantly playing, composing, developing but completely didn´t think about this forum here for a while.

Then I was lucky. My buddy approached an african girl. Then he introduced her to me and we found out, she knew a video producer.

So I had some cool Jam sessions with the video producer of cassandra steen. Loved that. :wink:

Thanks buddy for this opportunity Michael. :slight_smile:

But another thing, I did this, little long time ago. lol.

I played this with Korg m3 but did the effects completely with renoise and attached my focusrite to my computer.

Here´s the result:

Love M3. Fucking Love Renoise!!!

Next to come: Korg Kronos. Yeah!!!

Sounds nice but sketchy, not much happening over the course of 3 mins. Some of the panning was odd, the mix sounded to be unbalanced to the right side. I’d at least get the main melody to the center and add stereo widening with spatial effects.

It has a nice tune though, you should develop it into a more featured track :slight_smile: