Sold:Plogue Bidule


im not using plogue bidule anymore,so if anyone can find good use for it,i would like to sell my license,as the devs handles the license transfers manually i will have to contact them with the buyers contact info

heres plogues license transfer policee

im thinking 55$

The license file contains your name and address, phone number, etc, and its not the kind of stuff that you want to give to other people (in fact thats the point of this protection).

So License transfers would need to pass through us (read: we need to take the time, and deal with both parties involved, generate a key for the new user, and invalidate the previous key in updates)… time, and time=money

Its a complex process, which has to be done manually. Since we dont use a dongle which is tied to a system, and an automatic third party solution to exchange licenses, we have to charge some minimal fee to do so (20 USD per product). Also once the license has been transfered, it cannot be transfered again. It becomes essentially an NFR (Not for Resale) product.

We are not there to screw off anyone, but if we allow license transfers for free, since we can’t prove the old user has uninstalled the version of bidule (or chipsounds) that was still valid, there no additional sale that gets our way.

We don’t do challenge response, no intrusive dongle or “service” software of any kind. instead with both Bidule and chipsounds, you can install the app on ANY NUMBER of your OWN systems, and you can mix and match MACs and PCs, wipe them clean, ghost the machines, reinstall, and always use the same key. There are advantage and disadvantages to any form of CP. We are taking caltulated financial risks with our method.

We think we are being reasonable, considering all the aspects of the trade.
There is no such thing as being for or against license transfers, i think it TOTALLY depends on the type of copy protection involved.

I want to buy this plogue bidule license, but I have a question. I sent you a private message with my question regarding “Fs:Plogue Bidule dont use it anymore.” thank you. kind regards.

check your private messages. thank you.

Is it still for sale?
I may buy it as a present for someone, as I freaking love Bidule.


sorry for the late reply all my net has been down

i have unfortunatly already sold my version of bidule

No problem,
thanks for replying.
It’s rare to see Bidule for sale, so I was excited, but I’ll survive.
Maybe it will pop up on KVR.

just out of curiosity: what this Bidule thingy can do that can’t be done in new Jeskola Buzz, as far as modular approach is concerned?

It’s been around 10 years since I used Buzz, and I know it has changed since then, but I’ll list some of the things I like about Bidule, and you can tell me if any of them overlap with Buzz.

  • Has VST, VSTi, and Audio Unit versions (which are pretty much identical to the standalone)
  • Contains low level ‘Building Blocks’ so you can build your own devices
  • Devices you can build, and devices that are already included with Bidule include those that can do:
    — Spectral processing and manipulation (example - I use Bidule to turn the audio signal coming from my theremin into MIDI information to control synths)
    — MIDI processing, conversion, remapping, filtering, manipulation (example - I use Bidule to make one pad on my MPD do multiple things depending on when, or how many times it has been triggered)
    — HID (USB) device integration, manipulation (example - I use Bidule to turn my USB joysticks into MIDI control devices)
    — KeyStroke, KeySend, KeyBoard Shortcut manipulation (example - with Bidule I use MIDI to triggerl keyboard shortcuts for other programs like Renoise)
    — Sample buffer manipulation (example - I use Bidule to create live loopers for incoming audio)
    — Algorithmic composition (example - I use Bidule to create contraptions that unfold a musical piece depending on a few initially set parameters)
    — Synth and effect grouping and preset control (example - I use Bidule to group synths and effects that have been routed together so that I can save there combined presets as one preset for easy recalling and further manipulation)
    — Feedback (example - I use Bidule with AudioMulch’s Metasurface ((worth checking out)) because Bidule can receive parameter changes from the Metasurface and send the information back to AudioMulch without glitches)
    — Automation and linking (almost everything in Bidule can be automated and linked together)
    — Routing (Bidule has vast routing capabilities which is expanded by the fact that almost any signal ((MIDI, Spectral, math, etc…)) can be converted, linked ((using Bidule’s amazing Parameter Linker)), or set up in such a way that it can easily effect any other signal)

I’m sure I’ll think of more, but that’s off the top of my head.