[Sold] Renoise License For Sale 2.5 - 3.5

If anyone is interested, I am selling my Renoise license, giving support from Renoise 2.5 to 3.5 currently valued at $80 US Dollars.

I am willing to sell for $49 U.S. Dollars by Paypal. Renoise have already told me this is OK and will work on the license transfer.

I just couldn’t get productive with Renoise, being a Cubase and Ableton Live user, so it should go to a good home where it will be used ;)

contact me by email at martinbrown2@rogers.com if you’re interested.

k, i’ll have to kill a kitteh now… happy??? :x ur fault!!


maybs thatll teach u the error of ur ways? :>

You mean to say this is LEGAL??

Don’t need one anyway, have one already.

Yes, license transfers are allowed.
But as soon as the license is sold, we need to know the email address and user-data of the new owner so we can modify the backstage access for the new user.

I already have a license and I hope you get a buy, but if you don’t after a couple or 3 weeks (surely you will) i will buy for 39 for give-away in a compo or just to give away. Anyway, i’m in rehab now but it’s thanksgiving in the u.s.a., ya know, but i doubt i’ll be able get with ya on it anyway for 2 or maybe 3 weeks. I could give you 40 today but cant do anything for a little while after today.

umbriel rising, you wanna be a hero, there’s your winning idea.

Set a theme, start a competition, put the license up as a prize, although you get nothing, if you count hours and effort, the value is way more.

No pressure.


I think I’ll grab this one if none beats me to it. My old license expired after 2.2, and I have been using other programs since… But I’ve been moving back to Renoise lately, just a bit short on cash to buy the license. But I could manage $49.

So far, I have had one person register interest but nothing has been completed yet. If I could afford to give it away, I would but I was made redundant a year ago (still no job) and my house is about to be foreclosed on, so I won’t be giving it away.

$49 is a very good deal, it saves $30 on the current exchange rate. Given it’s Black Friday in the USA, that $30 could probably buy you some nice goodies with people giving anything from 15-50% off.

Serious people - you have my e-mail, Renoise support are on board and given me the details which I have already submitted to one person. First come, first served.

Ok, I have transferred the money. Gonna be soo nice to use Renoise with ASIO and no nag again. :)

cool, dby! congrats!

Welcome back then! :D

Sorry, dude. If ya ever need anything…

Thanks. thanks to dby too, I hope he enjoys the fruits of the new Renoise. And appreciate the concern.

I have a feeling I may return to the software sometime down the line, but for now, adios !

Thanks everybody! Good to be back. And good luck Martin!