Solid Line Cut Out Sessions

The Order of Things in 2003


Great, you got a reply to your thread but not about the song. I’m trying to give comments to all the recently posted songs that got few or no comments.

Well, since this appears to be an entire album I can’t spend as much time commenting on each song. But I will say track #1 sounds oddly familiar to me, and that is before I knew it was from 2003. But how? I don’t think I’ve ever heard it before/ ?? It’s like one of those weird deja vu dream things… :slight_smile:

Track 2, nice industrial feel

track 4 ,somecrazy breakcore-ness going on…

Track 5, I’m liking some of the distorted leads that are happening here…

Track 7, I like the relentless percusiveness… this is probably my favorite track.

Just a suggestion, next time you want feedback you might do better to post a single song instead of an entire album from 11 years ago.

But keep up the good work, hope you write some new stuff soon!