Solidtrax - u-he Bazille only track


Just made a new track with only a few (22) u-he Bazille modular synths as sound sources and mainly additional fx from Renoise

Check it out here:

Great work, loving that funky sound.

And extra points for making all sounds with one synth :)

Sounds great. Tell me how to vote :)

Really nice stuff !

I like the track, nice buildups, nice sounds especially the recurring verse is a good one!

Thanks manvanmars!

Thanks davidka, it’s easy, but you have to have a KVR-forum-account with several posts allready.
you can vote here:

Thanks keith303. Still busy with tracking I see. Great!

Thanks Moxon!

I can recommend this to anyone. Its nice to give yourself a synth-only-restriction and really learn how to patch synths and make a whole track with it.
Thanks for listening and maybe we see you in the next compo?
More info here: KVR One-Synth-Challenge

Wwwwwwwwwwhaaaaaaaa, your song it’s great, I find you wrote very good songs. Do you use Renoise for all tracks? Because I use Renoise but I find me track aren’t well mixed. (listen : My tracks)
Do you have the suggestions.

Thanks and see you soon for yournew tracks

Thanks Harmel!

About tips in mixing. A few things are really important. Even more important than fancy gear.
1- Fix/Treat your room acousticly
2- Buy a decent set of monitors. (or even another set of cheap pc-speakers for referencing)
3- Buy a decent headphone for mix referencing.
4- Make some tracks and keep on referencing to other tracks you like and try to achieve such a mix.
5- Let other people hear your tracks before you go public.
6- …
7- …

Lotsa options, but this should get you started.

Great work. One-synth-only restrictions give tracks a really coherent sound. Damn though, 22 instances of bazille… My MBP can probably barely handle 2 or 3.

Just found out you guys are also dutch. :) Awesome. Nice track.

Do you guys promote your tracks only on this forum or also on other forums?

Hi Alien7,

Also on other forums.

We’ve got Intel i-series based pc’s. I5 and i7 to be precise. Works great :wink:
And Renoise is also a big plus, no overhead like Cubase with its Syncrosoft protection dongle :confused:

very impressive!