solo a track, but still hear the sidechaining

Hello, me again :)/>!

I wonder if you would like to know how a sidechaining compressed track sounds. But if i put the track on solo, i do not hear it sidechained, because the sidechain feeding signal is also muted. How to do it properly? :confused:


Solo the sounds you want to hear, and the track with the signal follower on it. Then put a gainer on the track with the sidechain AFTER the signal follower/hydra. Roll off the volume. Ta-da, you should now hear the track ducking by itself.

Go to Edit > Preferences > Plug/Misc > Mute Mode (Left Click) and set to “Mute”.
Now the track that is followed by the signal follower isn’t turned off but only muted so the signal will still be there as sidechain signal.
…if that is what you mean :)

This will do…

Thank you everyone for helping me out :)