Solo Current Track

Hi! Long time I didnt post anything, I was pretty busy but now Im back to tracking :) and this time I have a new command line suggestion:

can you plz add command line for SOLO CURRENT TRACK? it will help a lot in disabling other tracks manually [typing OFFs or 0C00 commands in each track]?

for example, this command line for Solo Track / UnMute all tracks could be:

XX10 - on and XX20 - off
in 0 you could enter numbers from 1 to F that will mean SPEED of fading other tracks volume to ZERO [when turning SOLO Current Track ON] and fading in other tracks [when Unmuting All Other Tracks].

what do you think?

In a meta device you probably mean… the command range is pretty much full and has no space for such options.

You can add command as other [not used] letter, wouldn`t be great? Or it is hard to implement? It would save lots of work. For example, you can just click Rec and click on Solo button in Reason when automating mixer. In Renoise this command line could be primar, so each time player reachs this command line [YYF1?] it fade outs all tracks except that one. You can add for example 2 or more the same command lines to several tracks, and only these tracks would be played… :]

I personally don’t mind using the whole alphabet as commands but there was this discussion about the confusing matter of using hex values for a lot if indications and then using an alphabet range next to it. Taktik suggested to discuss this matter to the users. So not implementing the alphabet is because of hex / alpha confusion. The other solution:adding extra digits or an extra column is very hard to implement.

This annoys me. Why to hold back usable improvements because of people who can’t gasp alphabet and hex at same line? Go and use Dance e-Jay if can’t get it.

Kameleontti, this is exactly why some people make software that’s solid and thoughtful and others make rambling pieces of incoherent garbage that extends north south east and west and wind up falling apart at the seams.

It comes down to semantics as much as anything, and believe you me, having two separate systems for numbers in the same line is probably the dumbest idea i´ve heard from anyone here. The core structure of the effect column allows that any digit is theoretically interchangable, and thus represents an enclosed system an experienced user can relate to quickly and accurately. The minimum value is 0000, the maximum value is FFFF. Why? Because F is a higher number than 9 and thus allows users greater range than merely 0-9. With your system, to maintain systematic clarity, the highest number would be 9999, and the alphabet would EITHER mean an alphabetic character OR a hexadecimal number. This is retarded. Is this so bloody hard to grasp?

This kind of argument pisses me off to no end, and is exactly the kind of junk you hear from endusers who have no concept of software development, nor any real respect for it. This forum has historically been very modest about its “demands”, and everyone posting ideas tend to merely pitch it and hope it isnt too much of a hassle, which is the one way this can work out.

To reiterate: The semantic structure of a user interface is more important than mere niceities. It’s the need-to-have/nice-to-have debate, and in this case, it’s a mere nice-to-have which implementation would directly f**** with the semantics of all other effect implementations. Worth it? Hardly.

Until the effect column is about to see some kind of major update, the way it handles numbers is really not up for debate. Personally, i’d prefer the developers be as fascist as possible about this kind of thing. Keep the system consise and clear thanks much.

Well. I can’t remember many complaints about the mixed system in other trackers.
But IMO if/when a change will be done to the current system, then it should be done in a way to:
-Increase resolution
-Increase number of possible fx’s
-Be backward compatible (not really mandatory, but almost)

AFAI can think of this could be done by being able to add a two digit fx prefix column. Kinda like in Madtracker.
Note - fx prefix - fx value

C-4 01 0300 <-- this is a pitchslide up (01 command) with a 4 digit value.

If you do not add a fx prefix column (thats default) or the prefix column is 00 then it will behave the old way:
C-4 0103 <-- this is the same slide the old way.

Now you can have 255 new 4 digit fx’s. And several ‘sub fxs’ with fewer digits. Should be plenty. And you can still use the same old fx’s and nothing is cluttered.

Another idea is to have fx’s for each note, and thus fx columns for each note column, and let the current fx columns be global track/instrument commands.