Solo/mute Automation

I quite often wish Renoise had this.

If I were able to automate SOLO on one track I wouldn’t have to manually delete ALL the notes from ALL THE OTHER tracks. Only alternative is to automate volume on ALL the other tracks.

Agree. Perfect idea! Same here. Maybe you can add mute/unmute all command line?

yes please,like this idea.

I usually copy just that one track to a new pattern and just play that particular pattern.
Saves me a lot of timewasting on delete- or automation actions.

Agree, but it would save time if you would want to mute one or few tracks occasionally,
especially if you have some form of reverb/delay going on.

Ok, but then you will have to add OFF-commands on each opened track.
Mute/Unmute tracks would be perfect for DJing-like music :]

Agreed, it would be good for DJing off renoise, but wouldnt the CPU suffer if everything was still running on mute?
Maybe an automated “turn off” all other tracks feature.
Either way, I’m still happy turbo typing caps up tab caps up tab caps up tab.

IMO an arranger should fix this. Then you just mute clips of data in a track instead of muting the entire track.
This would be very easy to do live as well. And you would much easier actually see where the different things are muted.

I like the idea. It could be used as a rough arranger (to make, say, drums + bass line with various instruments alternating on phrases, and sometimes even duo playing… I could write everything on a single pattern and automate the mute/solo to get the jam-session going =)))

so basically a “mute instrument” automation should suffice instead of a “solo/mute track” automation

I’m not sure I follow completely, but don’t forget SOLO is not the same as MUTE, esp. if you have lots of tracks.
Muting instruments would not make it easier to leave just a track or two (or an instrument or two) playing, you’d still have to go through everything else and mute it one by one,
Furthermore, SOLO INSTRUMENT would not be able to solo the beat (for example) unless it has been made with only one instrument.

If you want to solo a beat with “mute instrument” you mute the rest, right?
Anyway, I meant to say “solo/mute instrument” but I thought people’d get the idea.

It comes down to this: you dont solo/mute a track, you solo/mute an instrument.
This way you ‘cut away’ the source of sound in a track, rather than silence the track.

for quick mute/unmute i usually get a gainer device which is set to zero volume, then automate the on/off of the gainer. no method for solo-ing tho…


I’d really like to see something like this implemented, I always find myself looping up a tune and playing around with the mutes to see what works and what doesn’t. And I always wish I could record it somehow, so I wouldn’t have to manually go in and delete a bunch of stuff, punch in off commands and so on.

A fast way to do some live editing to get some variation & groove.

You could see it like masks in photoshop, non destructive editing of your tunes.

Right click on `play’ right under the track name sets it on solo.
Left click is mute.

But yeah, it is not automated.